The foundations met at an event related to mental health protection and prevention of risky behaviours in children and adolescents. It quickly became evident that they share common goals, and, through discussions, they defined a framework for collaboration. This led to the establishment of the Institute for Development and Prevention project.

The „Wypłyń na Głębię”. Foundation is the founding and leading organization within the Institute for Development and Prevention

The project is being developed in collaboration with the Young Generation Development Foundation and the Sileo Foundation.

Since 2018, the „Wypłyń na Głębię” Foundation has been involved in creating professional prevention tools for schools. We specialize in innovative methods of delivering the preventive content to young people at risk of social maladjustment. Our actions are guided by our mission, which is accompanying young people in their search for answers to life’s questions as well as bringing together and supporting those who care about the bright future of the youth.

  • We organized two National Conferences on Prevention and Mental Health among Adolescents titled “Profilaktyka Połączeń”: one in Warsaw and the other in the city of Opole in June in collaboration with the local Superintendent’s Office. Both conferences were attended (online and on site) by over 6500 participants
  • In 2021, for its activities, the Foundation was given top award “For the Common Good” by Andrzej Duda, President of the Republic of Poland, in the category „Institution – organization”
  • We have created 20 original projects concerned with prevention. The projects were targeted on approx. 20 000 young people.
  • Almost 10 000 members of school personnel are using educational tools and materials that we have developed with other specialists.
  • We have reached over 2.5 million individuals with pro-health and prosocial messages.

The Development of Young Generation Foundation helps young people to find their way in the digital world. In collaboration with experts and teachers, the Foundation designs new training projects which help teachers and educators understand risks related to the new technologies.

We are currently developing a universal prevention programme for grades 6-8 of primary schools called “Smart Skills”.

  • The aim of the programme is to practise personal and social skills, such as understanding one’s own feelings, communicating them and coping with difficult situations. The programme also includes content aimed at increasing self-awareness, recognizing one’s strengths and weaknesses and exploring passions. Simultaneously, we want to engage parents in this effort, as they often need support in communicating with teenagers.

The Sileo Foundation is an organization that helps to care for mental health, supports those at risk and/or excluded and educates how to act effectively.

The mission of the Foundation is to promote effective prevention that has a real impact on the safety and healthcare of every individual. The main goals of its activities are:

  • educating parents and caregivers/educators on how to implement the prevention of risky behaviours effectively,
  • supporting the development of children and adolescents by improving life skills, reducing risk factors and strengthening protective factors,
  • collaborating with local governments in shaping and implementing effective prevention at the local level,
  • collaborating with governmental and non-governmental institutions to promote evidence-based prevention based on scientific foundations.