is a think tank that was established out of concern for the health and safety of children and adolescents.
The Explore the Depth Foundation (Fundacja „Wypłyń na Głębię”), Sileo Foundation and Development of Young Generation Foundation (Fundacja Rozwoju Młodego Pokolenia) entered into cooperation to provide space for those involved in mental healthcare of children and adolescents.

About the project

If actions are to yield the desired results, it is necessary to pool human resources, possess the appropriate knowledge and simultaneously apply this knowledge and experiences of others. Therefore, under this project, we will create an innovative information exchange platform containing comprehensive data related to the support for children and adolescents’ mental health. We will conduct discussions with various mental health specialists in order to understand and analyse their mutual connections and possibilities of collaboration in the area of assisting young people. Following the analysis of the current situation as well as research findings, we will systematize the existing evidence base so that the mental health of children and adolescents can be supported more effectively.


  • supporting mental healthcare of children and adolescents through the analysis of interconnections among entities carrying out tasks in this field;
  • constructing an information exchange platform that will transparently illustrate the systems for supporting the mental health of children and adolescents;
  • promoting the platform, which can facilitate collaboration and strengthen efforts.

Such an important topic calls for cooperation of numerous individuals and backgrounds. Therefore, we invite you to join in our efforts.


We unite and support those who care about
the mental health of children and adolescents.


Human & family

Love & respect




We want young people to have dreams and pursue them boldly. To build healthy relationships, develop a sense of responsibility and self-efficacy and be able to cope with problems and have the courage to ask for help.

Let’s work together to help young people achieve great things.
Let’s take care of their mental health!